Global Print Label Market Research Report and Analysis Data by Forecast 2024-2032
Print Label Market Size by Label Format (Wet-Glue Labels, Linerless Labels, Pressure-Sensitive Labels, In-Mold Labels, and Multi-Part Tracking Labels), Print Process (Flexography, Offset lithography, Letterpress, Gravure, Inkjet, Electrophotography, Screen, and Others), End-User Industry (Healthcare, Food, Beverage, Cosmetics, Logistics, Industrial, and Household), Global, Trends, Share And Forecast 2024-203

Print Label Market Size by Label Format (Wet-Glue Labels, Linerless Labels, Pressure-Sensitive Labels, In-Mold Labels, and Multi-Part Tracking Labels), Print Process (Flexography, Offset lithography, Letterpress, Gravure, Inkjet, Electrophotography, Screen, and Others), End-User Industry (Healthcare, Food, Beverage, Cosmetics, Logistics, Industrial, and Household), Global, Trends, Share And Forecast 2024-203

All updated as on - Market Overview:

Print label market of the world is expected to reach USD 64.09 billion by 2032, growing at a CAGR of 4.57% from 2024 to 2032. The expansion of print label market is driven through raising food and pharmaceutical packaging demands.

Label printing involves the custom labeling on different ways. Different results in purpose, appearance and feel of a label are produced through these processes such as wide-format printing, flexographic printing, digital printing among others. Label printers use other materials for labels which include paper & synthetic polymer materials. Ethernet, RS-232 serial, parallel, Universal Serial Bus (USB), and many types of wireless are standard connectivity examples for label printers. Also variation in the abilities that a label printer has can be seen between industrial models, home models and corporate-oriented models. The customer’s mind about the brand and the product line is being conveyed a message concerning it through label printing. These messages may also serve as alerts or identification or even advertising or environmental indicators as well as instructions for usage . Therefore creating value for the brand and completing the product’s branding process.

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Market Dynamics:

One of driving factors of market growth is increased adoption globally of print labels. More so changing economic and demographic conditions in countries have been responsible for development in print label industry. Furthermore, there is an increase in sales volumes because people prefer pre-prepared meals hence stimulating market growth. Lastly during the forecast period this helps promote marketing growth due to high-speed accurate simple solutions demanded to be labeled by consumers.In addition security/warning labels are highly required in several end-use industries like construction , logistics & transportation , consumer durables, automotive.


Manufacturers are grappling with cascading difficulties along supply chains because raw materials prices go up further; besides this various forms of plastics have also become expensive thus acting as inhibitor to growth within this sector.Again fluctuations & uncertainties affect pricing / availability of feedstock thereby leading to increase of the costs for the product. Also, the market’s growth may be hindered by strict regulatory policies and lack of knowledge about it.In addition, with COVID-19 pandemic restrictions imposed globally, there is currently limited supply and demand in packaging solutions. This also acts as a restraint on growth within this market.


The increase in demand for durable consumer goods and their production is another potential driver for marketing in the period under review.Addition of various technical innovations has led to emergence of a new industry.Furthermore Middle East Africa as well as Asia-Pacific companies that are diversified across many different end-use sectors will lead to market growth.

Segmentation Analysis:

Based on label format, print process, end-user industry and regions, the global print label market has been divided into.

• The segment for label format includes linerless labels wet-glue labels pressure-sensitive labels in-mold labels multi-part tracking labels. Wet-glue labels held 25.26% share of the market in 2023 due to its high demand from food & beverages and healthcare companies. This means that when considering 2032 a major chunk of the market would shift towards in-mold labels because they come with attractive packagings

• These include flexography, offset lithography, letterpress, gravure, inkjet, electrophotography, screen and others. In the inkjet print process segment which accounted for a market share of 22.42% in 2023 was because of the increasing adoption of Internet of Things (IoT) and big data associated with this and also due to the rising use of inkjet printers in food & beverage industry for packaging applications.

• The end-user industry segment is divided into healthcare, food, beverage, cosmetics , logistics , industrial and household . The largest market share was held by food with 23.24% in 2023 because of growing customer awareness regarding food safety & consequences. Moreover by 2030 the market is anticipated to be dominated by the beverages’ segment following increased demand for dairy-based beverages as well as distribution network expansion.

Regional Segmentation Analysis:

The market has been reviewed across key regions such as North America, Europe, South America, Asia Pacific including Middle East and Africa. The leading regional market for global print label market is North America having captured approximately 47.23% share of total revenue in 2023.

The growth rate of different end user industries can help the print label industry expand its reach. This is further buoyed by increasing production of durable consumer goods in the region. Moreover goading fast-paced growth into digital print processes are cost-efficient & professional-quality printing outpaced only by high volume- industrial size digital presses where it makes most sense to produce labels on-site because these devices are able to offer superior quality images at a lower cost per copy than offset or flexographic methods. This contributes significantly towards driving up sales figures.

Asia Pacific during forecast period will record highest growth due to increasing application scope for labels used mainly in cosmetics , food & medical care sectors particularly across China resulting into increased business opportunities here – all which aids in boosting this market’s expansion. Additionally the large scale opportunities of low manufacturing & labor expenses and the increasing urbanized population are expected to push market growth in this region during forecast period.

Competitive Analysis:

Thus, key players are already executing strategies such as new technology adoption, product innovation, mergers & acquisitions, joint ventures , alliances and partnerships among others to enhance their positions in global print label industry.

List of Key Market Players:
• Mondi Group
• Fort Dearborn
• Autajon Group
• Chesapeake Limited
• Avery Dennison
• Clondalkin Group
• Munksj Group
• Cenveo Inc.
• Constantia Flexibles Group
• CCL Industries
• Fuji Seal International Inc.
• Brady Corporation
• Bemis Comp

Print Label Market Size by Label Format:
Wet-Glue Labels
Linerless Labels
Pressure-Sensitive Labels
In-Mold Labels
Multi-Part Tracking Labels

Print Label Market Size by Print Process:
Offset lithography

By End-User Industry:

Global Fire Fighting Foam market, Regional Analysis

Europe: Germany, Uk, France, Italy, Spain, Russia, Rest of Europe

The Asia Pacific: China,Japan,India,South Korea,Australia,Rest of Asia Pacific

South America: Brazil, Argentina, Rest of South America

Middle East & Africa: UAE, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, South Africa, Rest of Middle East & Africa
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