Terms & Conditions

Numerous services provided by Infinitive Data Expert are subject to the terms and conditions listed below. In addition, they apply to any user who makes a purchase from our website or simply accesses it. The main goal of the terms and conditions section is to update any adaptations made at the company's exclusive discretion. Before engaging in any transaction, users are urged by our experts to thoroughly read the Terms & Conditions mentioned below.

Electronic Communications:

If you contact us electronically, such as by visiting our website or sending us an email, we will assume that you give us permission to communicate with you electronically and to send you regular notice and promotional emails to the email address you have provided. Furthermore, you agree that all notifications, contracts, important disclosures, and other forms of communication that we transmit to you via our website must be in writing and sent to everyone you authorise.


The company or its suppliers are the exclusive owners of all content displayed on the Infinitive Data Expert website, including any photos, text, audio and video clips, logos, software, data complexities, and icons. This content is solely protected by international copyright laws. All software and content used on our site or by its providers are also protected by international copyright laws. You are not permitted to duplicate, modify, assign, resell, replicate, or otherwise unlawfully exploit any of the website's content by just browsing it. Without any prior written authorization through a website, you are not authorised to obtain and use any data mining tools, bots, or identical extraction methods to retrieve important information.


A user must make payment after placing an order to access any service or product on Infinitive Data Expert. Additionally, processing and delivery of any order will start after the user receives a successful payment. According to the company's authorities' explanation on the "Return Policy" page of the website, the company's job component forces it to adhere to a "No Return" policy. Without imposing any restrictions, we are liable for any delays or failures to execute an agreement on your part that result from impractical considerations or unanticipated circumstances.

License & Site Access:

For the purpose of creating a link to the website, we provide a limited, revocable licence. You must not present an inaccurate or unfavourable impression of Infinitive Data Expert, its services, products, or partners in place of referring any circumstances. Additionally, you might not be permitted to use any website content that has trademarks, icons, logos, audio or video files, graphics, or without having obtained the company's prior written approval. Any commercial use, distribution, or resale of the website or its contents is expressly prohibited by the licence. Additionally, you are prohibited from using any data extraction tools, bits, or other methods to drive your data in order to collect it or to make use of our website's pricing lists, descriptions, or other restricted functionality. Any user who is discovered to be violating any of Infinitive Data Expert's terms and conditions at any time will have their right to use our website and its products revoked.

Delivery Time:

We shall continue processing and sending the order as soon as a user puts an order with our sales staff and receives payment procedures. A product's electronic dispatch should be completed 24 to 72 hours after an order has been accepted and paid for. Due to the possibility that the order was shipped from the APAC or the US, users who are ordering physical copies of a study report may experience delayed delivery. Therefore, we advise our customers to "Go Green" and obtain specific electronic copies.


By sending a report electronically, we can instantly convey the company's goods to any location on the planet. Users who want actual copies of their orders can also use the courier services. Users may experience some difficulties and an additional fee of about $250 in such circumstances.

Order/ Refund Policy:

Infinitive Data Expert has been selling its goods using the easier format and easily transferrable nature. Additionally, it enables us to adhere to its "No Return" policy. After the goods has been dispatched in its entirety, the company does not accept any returns. Visit our website's Refund Policy page for more information.

Third Party Content:

We don't exercise any editorial control over any of the content that has been published. Instead, we serve as a distributor of written content that has been published and is provided to our organisation by a third party. Any content published on the website represents the varied viewpoints, opinions, significant claims about facts and statistics, and also includes different other information of the active author and not of any firm representative.


Users are not permitted to hold Infinitive Data Expert, its employees, affiliates, suppliers, or partners liable for any claim, including any authorised fees resulting from a breach of the TOS, any violation of a third party's rights, or even with their connection to the website.

 Government Law:

The laws of the State of Maharashtra (India) have been applied to this Agreement of the Company and the usage of the Our Service section. The user acknowledges that they will abide by all applicable laws, rules, regulations, restrictions, and obligations. It is made aware that any comments, actions, or disputes arising out of this Agreement fall under the broad jurisdiction of the courts located in Maharashtra (India). Additionally, they acknowledge and support the exercise of individual jurisdiction in the Indian State of Maharashtra. There is no revocation of this agreement or of any other rights due to rejection or a delay in administering any privilege. The remainder of the Agreement's terms shall not be affected if any of its terms are found to be unlawful, void, or unenforceable, then the rest of portions shall not be impacted.

Frequently Asked Questions

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  • The following are the exact descriptions of these licences: If a "Single User Licence" is purchased, just that individual will have access to a particular research report; other employees working for the same company may share it. When a "Multi User Licence" is purchased, at least 2 to 5 people from the same department within the same organisation are given access to a certain report. In contrast, buying a "Enterprise Licence" enables access to separate reports for a company-wide audience. This also involves subsidiary businesses or numerous other businesses encircled by a panel of businesses. Users can opt out of receiving promotional offers, newsletters, or any other communications from INFINITIVE EXPERT by clicking the link to unsubscribe from the mailing list that appears on each email they receive from the company.

  • You can email our staff directly at sales@infinitivedataexpert.com with any special requests you may have for the report, and they will respond with sample pages for your evaluation OR You can begin by conducting a keyword search using a phrase that is appropriate for the sector, or you can browse research by any themes or marketplaces. When relevant results appear on your screen, click the title to view the detailed product information, including a table of contents and a succinct synopsis. It is simpler to get the research report online from our website. Simply select one of the copies, such as single user, multi user, or corporate user, by clicking on the "buy now" button. In the interim, you can phone the number listed on the website for assistance or follow the instructions that show on the screen. Additionally, you can get in touch with our experts in market research. They can assist you in finding the right report to suit your needs and can also respond to any questions you may have about your search.

  • The market research studies that INFINITIVE DATA EXPERT publishes on its official website are created by a variety of world-class publishing and research organisations.